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Coworking spaces in Dubai on Bisdesk: WeWork is now on our platform!

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk

“In uncertain times, the only remedy is more and more flexibility.”

- Riad Thoumas, General Manager - WeWork with an interview Bisdesk.

This is how we start discussing the future of traditional workspaces with Riad from WeWork. 

It’s no surprise that the destiny of traditional office spaces is changing, given that small, medium, and even large corporations are opting for flexible office spaces over traditional ones. By the end of 2024, the number of tenants in coworking spaces is set to reach 5 million (Statista). 

Find All WeWork Spaces (UAE & India)

What is WeWork?

WeWork is a prominent name in the flex workspace industry. The company offers flexible and shared workspace solutions to various businesses. Undoubtedly one of the high-ranking global brands to lead the flex workspace industry, WeWork’s network is spread over 700+ prime locations across the globe. It was founded in 2010 in New York City and has since been a leading provider of stunning workspaces with state-of-art amenities. 

There are different WeWork membership options, such as private offices, dedicated desks, and shared workspaces, along with amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and communal areas. All over the world. WeWork is a popular choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and established businesses alike as it presses on providing quality, comfortable, and collaborative workspaces with all the needed amenities. 

In the UAE (as listed on Bisdesk), WeWork has two premium places in Al Falah Street, Al Khatem Tower, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates & One Central, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How did WeWork start?

WeWork started as a joint initiative of Adam Neumann & Miguel McKelvey - the WeWork founders rented their first location in Manhattan on April 2011. In the same year, PepsiCo positioned a few people in the place, and soon WeWork’s place became a thriving startup incubator. In November 2017, WeWork announced its kindergarten initiative WeGrow, Rebekah Neumann (wife of Adam Neumann) managed WeGrow along with being the Chief Brand and Impact Officer at WeWork until 2019.

As of 2023, WeWork's CEO is Sandeep Mathrani, an Indian-American real estate professional. 

Find All WeWork Spaces (UAE)

WeWork - Bisdesk partnership: Serving the uncertain times of workspaces

When Team Bisdesk asked Riad, “what is WeWork and what does it thrive on?”, he answered - WeWork is all about flexibility. WeWork is redefining the flex-space industry to bring more creativity, productivity, and comfort to the work environment. WeWork membership plans are diverse and they always keep flexibility as their top priority before setting up a space. 

On the other hand, Bisdesk, as a thriving marketplace with the best workspace brands, makes sure the right tenants from the targeted regions are discovering WeWork. On Bisdesk, there are 2 WeWork spaces for the UAE region - Al Falah Street (Al Khatem Tower, Abu Dhabi) & One Central, Dubai.

Bisdesk - the quest to make booking coworking spaces easy

Bisdesk is UAE’s largest marketplace for serviced office spaces and also an eminent flex workspace aggregator in India. The prominent platform makes sure each listed workspace is easily findable to the right renters. Not only that, Bisdesk helps each of its clients from pre-qualifying leads to securing deals. It has a large team of flex space experts to support the clients throughout the entire conversion funnel. 

WeWork is securing valuable tenants from the UAE and India through Bisdesk. Prospects can find WeWork’s spaces in all the prime locations of these regions within a few clicks. 

The WeWork-Bisdesk Collaboration

Here’s how Riad Thoumas, General Manager at WeWork describes the WeWork-Bisdesk relationship - 

“Bisdesk is our trusted partner. We have been working with Bisdesk for 2 years now. They helped us a lot and supported us. It shows very clearly how involved, and how knowledgeable they are about the (flexible workspace) market. The services they're providing are at a very high level, and I hope we continue this partnership for on long term.” 

- Riad Thoumas, General Manager - WeWork


Bisdesk: A startup with 60+ global workspace brands 

In one word, Bisdesk is Industry 4.0’s coworking marketplace - a powerful AI-enabled platform that connects tenants and workspace providers in one dashboard. Also, Bisdesk believes in building a spirited community of professionals consisting of entrepreneurs, startup founders, MNCs, large corporations, digital nomads, solopreneurs and remote workers - so the right workspaces can find the right tenants with a few clicks from a single platform. 

As of 2023, Bisdesk is a growing community of  25,000+ spaces, 60+ workspace brands & 4500+ active daily users. We believe to create a positive impact on the evolving workspace culture and help businesses find the best flexible workspace as per their requirements. Also, Bisdesk believes that employees who want space and time flexibility should receive what they need. That’s why we are bringing workspace renters and providers under one umbrella so both parties can benefit from one another. 

We have some of the best coworking and flexible workspace brands on our platform - notable names like WeWork, WitWork, Regus UAE, The Executive Centre, etc. from the UAE. From India, we have 91Springboard, IndiQube, Regus India, Innov8, etc. For WeWork spaces, Bisdesk has two listed places at Al Khatem Tower (Al Falah Street) and One Central

When asked about Bisdesk’s mission, here’s how Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk defines it - 

"Our mission is to bring flexibility to the workspace industry on a global scale. For a business owner to flourish and grow with us hand-in-hand is our goal”

-Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk

How Bisdesk is revolutionizing the entire coworking ecosystem

  1. Find & book the perfect workspace with a few clicks

    You just need to type in the location you are targeting; Bisdesk instantly fetches all the suitable workspaces for that region (UAE & India)

  2. 5 types of workspaces under one dashboard 

    After you type in your targeted location on Bisdesk’s search bar, Bisdesk’s engine will automatically fetch the available workspaces with 5 types of workspaces - 

         a. Private Office 

         b. Fixed Desk 

         c. Flexi Desk 

         d. Meeting Room 

         e. Virtual Office 

    You can filter the spaces according to your needs. 

  3. 4 filters that make the finding even faster

    Here’s how to filter the search results of Bisdesk -

       a. Space Type - 5 types of workspaces as mentioned in point 2. 
       b. Capacity - Specify the number of people you are targeting. 
       c. Price Range - Define the min and max price. 
       d. Amenities - Here’re the predefined amenities Bisdesk lets you filter through - 

              i. 24-hr Member Access

              ii. Admin Service

              iii. Air-conditioning

              iv. Call Answering Services, etc. 

    Filter & Find Your Coworking Space
  4. Bisdesk pre-qualifies prospective tenants for the hosts

The unique thing about Bisdek is it pre-qualifies tenants for its clients/hosts. Our expert team works closely with all our workspace providers and helps them throughout the entire conversion process. We have some of the most-experienced flex workspace experts. Recently, one of our experts (Zeeshan Razzaqi) joined the STEP conference 2023 as a flex workspace mentor. 

WeWork: Scalable serviced workspaces for everyone


The most highlighting aspect of WeWork is its promise to bring more and more flexibility to the workspace culture - WeWork’s efforts to create a seamless connection between businesses and individuals that serve the best interests of both parties are quite remarkable. WeWork founders (Adam Neumann, Miguel McKelvey & Rebekah Neumann) kept serving the community as their top priority when they initiated WeWork. 

Also, it is one of the largest coworking and serviced space providers. Though the company was founded in 2010, it has one of the largest coworking networks in the world that is spread across over 750 locations in 41 cities.

WeWork features beautiful interiors that automatically make its occupants feel at ease, also it has top-notch amenities to support the most scrupulous of tenants. 

Types of WeWork spaces on Bisdesk

On Bisdesk, WeWork membership plans are as follows -

  • Flexi Desk Membership

A flexi desk membership provides access to a shared workspace on a flexible basis (desking), allowing members to choose when and where they work. This type of membership is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who needs occasional workspace without committing to a dedicated desk or office. Members can use the space for a few hours or a full day, and often have access to amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and meeting rooms.

  • Fixed Desk Membership

This type of membership is ideal for those who require a permanent desk for working and also value the benefits of a shared office environment. A fixed desk membership offers the stability and consistency of having a designated workspace in a shared office environment. Members can enjoy amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and meeting rooms, as well as the ability to personalize their workspace.

  • Private Office

Private offices are fully-enclosed and all-inclusive corporate suits for businesses. You can get dedicated access to amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, and meeting rooms. Also, you can personalize your workspace choices as per your needs. A private office membership offers the privacy and security of dedicated office space, while still enabling members to benefit from the collaborative and social aspects of a shared office environment. 

  • Meeting Room

WeWork meeting rooms offer numerous benefits such as providing a professional and fully equipped space for presentations, pitches, and meetings. The rooms are available on-demand, so members can book them whenever they need them. WeWork also offers a variety of room sizes to accommodate different group sizes, and members have access to high-speed internet, audiovisual equipment, and support staff. Additionally, booking a meeting room with WeWork is a cost-effective solution compared to renting a traditional conference room.

WeWork Membership Plans in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Here’re WeWork spaces as listed on Bisdesk (UAE and India) - 

  • WeWork X Hub71


    Al Khatem Tower, Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    Specialties of WeWork X Hub71

    WeWork X Hub71 offers fully-equipped, shared office spaces in creative, business-focused coworking spaces globally. This particular coworking facility attracts entrepreneurs, digital nomads, working professionals, and international business figures with its world-class amenities. The beautifully designed interior promotes productivity by creating a calm ambiance.


    - Super fast internet
    - Personal lockers
    - Special barista
    - Mail & packaging handling
    - Email handling 
    - Library facilities 
    - Recreation zones 
    - Audio and video conferencing facilities 
    - Wheelchair accessibility
    - 24-hour member access 
    - Common area

  • WeWork- One Central


    The Offices 4, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

    Specialties of WeWork X Hub71

    WeWork- One Central has well-equipped conference rooms, lively common areas, and high-speed internet to maximize your productivity. You can enjoy a host of additional perks, such as free coffee and tea, weekly networking events, and discounts on health and wellness services. 


    - Unlimited FREE Coffee
    - Meeting rooms and library facilities
    - High-speed internet
    - Networking events
    - 24-hour member access
    - Ergonomic chair facilities
    - Wheelchair accessibility
    - Outdoor terrace facilities
    - Audio and video conferencing facilities

WeWork Membership Pricing (UAE) on Bisdesk

WeWork X Hub71 (Al Khatem Tower, Al Falah Street)

Types of WeWork Workspaces

WeWork Membership Pricing

WeWork X Hub71 - Private Office
5,000.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork X Hub71 - Flexi Desk Membership
1,100.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork X Hub71 - Fixed Desk Membership
1,300.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork X Hub71 - Meeting Room
250.00 AED / Room

Book WeWork X Hub71 (Abu Dhabi) on Bisdesk

WeWork- One Central (One Central, Dubai)

Type of WeWork Workspace

WeWork Membership Pricing

WeWork- One Central - Private Office
3,150.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork- One Central - Flexi Desk Membership
1,500.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork- One Central - Fixed Desk Membership
1,850.00 AED / Monthly
WeWork- One Central - Meeting Room
250.00 AED / Room

Book WeWork One Central (Dubai) on Bisdesk

WeWork All Access

WeWork All Access gives you access to a wide array of WeWork spaces globally. To add more, WeWork All Access provides members with one workspace booking per day (subject to availability) and 5 monthly WeWork credits for meeting room and private office bookings in select locations. In addition to this, members also receive monthly printing allotments, WiFi, unlimited coffee and tea during business hours, and other professional amenities.

Get featured on Bisdesk

Bisdesk has kept it simple and FREE! 

It absolutely costs nothing to list your workspace on Bisdesk. Just upload the required details on the Add Listing section of Bisdesk, give us some time to review it, and see your brand go live on Bisdesk. 

Here are the detailed steps for you - 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Add Listing from the top part. 
  3. Create a page for your brand by filling out the required details. 
  4. Submit to the Bisdesk team for reviewing. 

Exploring the WeWork spaces in the UAE and India

Buzzing with state-of-art amenities and support services, WeWork is a game-changer in the history of flex workspaces. Though all WeWork spaces are unique, here are the featured WeWork places as listed on Bisdesk

Address: Al Khatem Tower, Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Dubai’s beautiful skyline can make anyone fall in love with the bustling emirate. What is more rewarding than looking at the skyline while preparing your excel sheet? WeWork X Hub71 features a soothing ambiance while adding the perfect dose of modernity in terms of amenities and facilities. Reinvent working in Dubai with this place of WeWork. 

Address: The Offices 4, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The best thing about WeWork is its all-inclusiveness. WeWork places have libraries, wheelchair facilities, ergonomic furniture, and many more unique amenities that you won’t find anyone else. WeWork at One Center features luxurious interiors with soothing colors and modern furniture. The spacious lounges and comfortable seats will definitely make you more productive at work. 

Address: Express Towers, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Mumbai, India.

This warm and spacious invention of WeWork will definitely make you feel more at home at work. WeWork at Express Towers features a warm and bright interior with world-class amenities to support its tenants. Plus, it has a unique recreation zone with all the table sports you might like! 

Address: Embassy Manyata Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru, India.

The most unique thing about this WeWork facility is that its pet (dog) friendly. As usual for WeWork, this place also covers all the unique points that make people choose WeWork every time! Like WeWork Express Towers, WeWork Manyata NXT Towers also features a separate recreation zone.

WeWork Documentary: WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn

The WeWork documentary - WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn - provides an insightful and fascinating look into the rise and fall of one of the most talked-about startups in recent history. Through interviews with key players and a deep dive into the company's culture and business model, the documentary sheds light on the factors that led to WeWork's meteoric rise and eventual downfall. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of startups and entrepreneurship.

Stunning Coworking Spaces in Dubai on Bisdesk 

Bisdesk provides an exclusive directory of over 500 coworking spaces in Dubai, featuring an extensive range of options such as private offices, fixed desks, flexi desks, meeting rooms, and virtual offices.

The price range for these space types varies between 3 AED to 410,300 AED. Here's a price breakdown by space type - 

  • Private Office - 1100 AED - 410300 AED.
  • Fixed Desk - 650 AED - 18000 AED.
  • Flexi Desk - 3 AED - 300 AED.
  • Meeting Room - 20 AED - 1800 AED.
  • Virtual Office - 62 AED - 1500 AED.


  • Can I bring guests to my WeWork workspace?

WeWork members are encouraged to bring guests into their facilities. To ensure a smooth experience, WeWork recommends pre-registering guests before their arrival. Upon arrival, your guests will be required to sign in at the front desk.

  • Are WeWork locations pet-friendly?

It depends on the pet strategies of the respective building management company of the WeWork facility. But if pets are allowed, you need to submit necessary pet documentation (i.e. vaccination documents) to the Community Management Team. Also, pets are only allowed in WeWork's private office spaces. 

  • Does WeWork provide 24/7 access to its spaces?

You have to find WeWork spaces that offer 24/7 access

  • What are the security measures in place at WeWork locations?

    Here are the security measures that WeWork takes - 

    • Digital guest check-in (contains ID verification). 
    • Keycard entry to elevators, buildings, and private office spaces. 
    • Brightly lit parking lots and garages. 
    • Full-range locking systems for all types of WeWork spaces. 
    • Security monitoring. 
  • How do I book a meeting room or event space or any type of space at WeWork?

    In 3 simple steps to book WeWork spaces -  

    • Download the WeWork app on your phone. 
    • Find a WeWork location
    • Book your space and meet! 

Simply superb, isn’t it? 

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