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Get verified leads from the best coworking website in the UAE & India

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk

Every day, 4500+ prospective coworking tenants visit Bisdesk. As the best coworking website in the UAE and India, we list small-scale, large-scale, global and regional coworking brands so that their workspaces are visible to everyone searching from the respective locations. 

Not only that, Bisdesk helps flex spaces find verified and pre-qualified leads. Even more, Bisdesk provides one-to-one consultation services to coworking businesses to improve their services and ramp up their marketing efforts.

Here’s how you can list your workspace on Bisdesk


Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Create an account or log in to your existing account. 

Step 3: From the top-right bar, click on Add Listing

Step 4: Click on List Your Space. 

Step 5: Create your company profile by providing a few details such as - 

  • Your name. 
  • Company details. 
  • Your personal details such as your designation, date of birth, etc.

Step 6: Hit save and enter your workspace details -

  • Upload logo.

  • Put basic information such as -  location, contact details, reception hours, your workspace’s social media handles,
    official videos, etc. 

  • Set up your workspace by providing information (such as images, general information, unit measures, quantity, etc.) about all your workspace types such as private offices, fixed desks, flexi desks, meeting rooms, virtual offices and memberships. 

  • Select all your amenities.

  • Provide payment-related details such as account details, upload VAT/Tax documents, and provide contact info for your account department.

  • SAVE everything! 

Team Bisdesk will go through your information. As soon as your information is verified, your space becomes visible on Bisdesk. 

Also, the best part is listing your space on Bisdesk is completely free and it will be automatically included in our public listing once approved. 

If you face any problem in listing your workspace on Bisesk, contact our 24-hour customer care service. 

Add Your Workspace on Bisdesk

A short portfolio of Bisdesk

Bisdesk is the best coworking website in the UAE and India that offers the full package of sales & marketing services for coworking businesses - from finding pre-qualified leads to securing successful deals. 

As of 2023, Bisdesk is a diverse marketplace for coworking space that features - 

  • 25,000+ workspaces that include Private Offices, Fixed Desks, Flexi Desks, Meeting Rooms, and Virtual Offices.
  • 60+ global shared workspace and coworking brands.
  • 4500+ active daily users. 

Moreover, Bisdesk is a global coworking marketplace that connects tenants and hosts to build a thriving shared workspace community. It is one of the growing coworking aggregators in the UAE and India. At Bisdesk, we strive to build trust among coworking hosts and their prospective tenants with

  • Guest reviews 
  • User ratings, and 
  • Putting correct, verified information reviewed by our team. 

Bisdesk makes sure that the right tenants find their perfect hosts easily. Our vibrant community stretches from the UAE to India and we have the best coworking brands for all types of tenants including remote professionals, digital nomads, solopreneurs, established businesses, large corporations and startups. 

Exploring why you should list your workspace on Bisdesk. 

Before explaining the pluses of listing your coworking space on Bisdesk, let’s talk about the overall benefits of listing your workspace on any shared workspace or coworking aggregator -

What’s the role of a coworking marketplace or aggregator? 

A coworking space aggregator or marketplace puts your coworking space into a public coworking listing site. If a tenant looks for a workspace in that marketplace, they can find a list of coworking companies that match the tenant’s criteria, such as location, space type or pricing plan. If you list your coworking space on the best coworking websites, you can get viewed by thousands of potential tenants who are searching for places like yours. 

Bisdesk’s services don’t stop at getting you only views - Team Bisdesk makes sure you are getting adequate support until a tenant rents your space. To facilitate that, we pre-qualify leads for you and help you until your best tenants book your space. 

Why is coworking important for all business types? 

The common misconception is that the best leads for coworking businesses are small business owners and startup founders. But in reality, coworking spaces are popular among every professional out there - from entrepreneurs to large MNCs. 

Also, coworking spaces can help businesses find nearby workspaces and offer space flexibility to workers and employers. As workspace experts, we think that time and space flexibility is paramount to growing your business. According to FlexJobs survey (2019), lack of flexibility is the #1 reason why employees leave rigid employers. 

If you search on Google about coworking aggregators, you’ll find a zillion of coworking marketplaces that will promise to generate leads for your business. But Bisdesk’s flex space experts think that only generating leads is not enough, you need to qualify leads to know if you can actually turn them into your paying clients. 

Getting qualified leads vs. just “leads” 

Qualifying leads are willing leads who match the criteria to become your clients: they are ready to go through the buying process and have a greater possibility of making a positive purchasing decision - these are the leads you need to target to grow your business. 

Bisdesk is the largest shared workspace and coworking marketplace in the UAE that pre-qualifies leads for you and walks you through the entire sales funnel until you secure successful deals. 

Flex Workspace Brands on Bisdesk 

Bisdesk is one of the top coworking aggregators in Dubai (all UAE as well) that lists the finest coworking spaces in the region such as - 

Along with Dubai, Bisdesk is expanding its services to India and ranking as one of the fastest-growing coworking aggregators in India, having big brands like - 

Let’s see what Bisdesk can offer you - 

Not just providing ‘increased visibility and reach’, we make sure you secure the best tenants 

By default, Bisdesk ensures that your workspace products are seen by the highest number of prospects matching the criteria. Also, Bisdesk has essential filters on the platform, such as Space Type, Number of People, Price Range, and Amenities - that connect the right tenants with the right workspace providers.

Also, Bisdesk’s team verifies and qualifies leads before it reaches you, so you get the best leads that increase your chance of tenancy. 

Bisdesk: Create and manage your workspaces efficiently

Bisdesk makes sure you can easily go through your workspace experience through its AI-powered, sophisticated platform. With the versatile dashboard of Bisdesk, you can create and manage your workspace pages efficiently. 

We are termed the best coworking website by our clients, look how Riad Thoumas, General Manager at WeWork describes the WeWork-Bisdesk relationship - 

“Bisdesk is our trusted partner. We have been working with Bisdesk for 2 years now. They helped us a lot and supported us. It shows very clearly how involved, and how knowledgeable they are about the (flexible workspace) market. The services they're providing are at a very high level, and I hope we continue this partnership for on long term.” 

    - Riad Thoumas, General Manager - WeWork

Create your product pages

Never miss out on key insights and the latest marketing trends

Results-driven marketing decisions always yield better outcomes than just depending on long shots. 

The platform of Bisdesk ensures you take the best marketing decision based on real-time insights and updated marketing trends. Besides, we have an operations and management advisory team who helps you take the right decision. 

Share your concern with our advisory team 

A one-stop platform with integrated payment gateways

Once a reservation is confirmed, guests are charged, and hosts receive payment 10 days after check-in. You have the flexibility to choose how you want to get paid - you can opt for direct deposit, PayPal, or any other available options. Bisdesk has a secured online payment system that processes all payments.

Our ready-made membership programs include online booking and payment gateways, also Bisdesk provides you with the chance to transform your workspace into a fully-functional hybrid space. Bisdesk is one of the thriving coworking marketplaces and the best coworking website in the UAE and India. Thus we offer a variety of coworking spaces, such as private offices, flex desks, fixed desks, meeting rooms and monthly memberships. 

24/7 client support system

Bisdesk has a 24/7 client support system that helps you through everything you may need. Team Bisdesk makes sure your workspace always shines with a steady pool of clients. 

Talk to our support team

Consult with Bisdesk’s experts to develop new product variants

Bisdesk makes scaling up easier! With the expert and creative team at Bisdesk, you can whip up new product ideas for your workspace facility.

Explore Bisdesk's consultation services  

Dedicated key account manager to manage your space

Team Bisdesk makes sure you get the fullest attention. The moment you sign up on Bisdesk, you will be assigned to a dedicated account manager only for you!

List your space on Bisdesk 

Global coworking brands that are on Bisdesk

As one of the best coworking websites in the UAE and India, Bisdesk has a number of coworking brands on its list - 

  • Regus 

The Regus Workspace features modern, flexible workspaces for everyone, be it entrepreneurs, individuals, or large MNCs and corporations. It was founded in 1989 in Belgium. It is one of the most renowned serviced office space providers in the world.

Regus is listed on Bisdesk both for India and the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.). 

  • WeWork 

WeWork is a global shared workspace provider. Spread over 700+ worldwide, WeWork is leading the coworking market with its state-of-art facilities, modern amenities and soothing ambience to sharpen your focus. 

WeWork is featured on Bisdesk and you can book WeWork spaces in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.) on Bisdesk. 

  • The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre is the largest premium serviced office provider in the Asia Pacific region, spread over 33 cities and 14 markets. Established in Hong Kong in 1994, it is also Asia's third-largest provider of serviced workspace solutions. The company offers three distinct workspace options: 

    • Exclusive Solutions: This plan includes enterprise solutions and private offices.
    • Shared Workspace: This option includes encompasses coworking and virtual offices
    • Meetings & Events Space: This one features meeting rooms and event spaces.

The Executive Centre is on Bisdesk’s list as a boutique serviced office operator and you can book TEC’s tailored workspaces for the UAE region on Bisdesk

  • 91Springboard 

91springboard houses a lively community of freelancers, startups, and businesses of various sizes, ranging from small to large, who come together to collaborate and work in a shared workspace setup. It is one of the prominent shared and coworking workspace providers in India and you can find all of its workspace solutions on Bisdesk


  • How does Bisdesk screen workspace providers? 

Bisdesk ensures the safety of its community by verifying certain details of both guests and hosts. This verification process involves -

    • A clear profile picture.
    • Clear pictures of all your workspace products. 
    • A confirmed telephone number.
    • A confirmed email address.
    • Location information. 
    • Reception and operation hours. 
    • Workspace provider’s accounts information. 
    • Workspace provider’s amenities. 
    • Our team conducts a detailed background check and verifies all the provided information before making the workspace page live. 
  • What is the payment system on Bisdesk? 

Upon making a reservation, the guests are charged. In due course, hosts receive their payment after 10 days of check-in. You have the flexibility to choose the payment method that works best for you, whether it's through direct deposit, PayPal, or any of the other available options.

  • What are the criteria to be hosts on Bisdesk? 

Business centers, coworking spaces and shared space providers, hybrid space providers, hotel business centers, and virtual office space providers from the UAE, India and Great Britain are invited to list themselves on Bisdesk.

As one of the best coworking websites in the UAE & India, Bisdesk offers premium services to all its hosts - from finding pre-qualified leads to securing successful deals, Bisdesk stays with its clients throughout the entire process. 

  • How do I get listed on Bisdesk? 

Simply go to Bisdesk’s Add Listing page and sign up on/ log into Bisdesk. Fill in all the details like your name, phone number, designation, your workspace’s name, location, operating hours, pictures, account information to receive payment, etc. 

After that, Bisdesk’s team will go through detailed background checks to verify your identity and details of your workspace. If you pass through the verification process, your workspace will be live on Bisdesk right away! 

  • How long does it take to get listed on Bisdesk? 

It doesn’t take long to list your space if you have put all the necessary details. Make sure you fill in your workspace details with precise information to speed up the verification process. As soon as the verification process is done by our team, your workspace will be live on Bisdesk

  • For how many countries/regions does Bidesk operate? 

Bisdesk operates in 3 regions - 

    • The UAE 
    • India, and 
    • Great Britain. 

Bisdesk is already the best coworking website and marketplace in the UAE and India. Also, Bisdesk is expanding its operations to Great Britain. On Bisdesk’s platform, prospective tenants can find the best coworking brands for over 40 cities in India.

List your coworking space today!