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Bisdesk & andcards: The coworking power duo partners to ace coworking

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk


Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the world of business. According to NorthOne, coworking spaces around the globe had about 3 million occupants by the end of 2022.

Such a large amount of data requires efficient and effective management tools. andcards' management software is designed to streamline daily operations and simplify the management of coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centres. andcards’ software is efficient and super user-friendly, making it a valuable integration to Bisdesk's platform.

andcards: A provider of fully integrated systems for coworking and flex spaces

andcards offers a suite of features designed to cater to the unique needs of the coworking industry. These features include member management, booking management, resource management, billing and invoicing, and a mobile app for members. By utilizing these features, coworking spaces can streamline their operations, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Community Management 

andcards allows coworking spaces to easily manage their members, including creating and editing member profiles, managing payments, and tracking attendance. This feature simplifies the process of managing members, making it more efficient and effective.

Advanced Booking Management

With andcards, coworking spaces can manage room bookings, desk reservations, and meeting room bookings all in one place. This feature also enables recurring bookings and allows for the management of cancellations, making the process more streamlined. 

Automated Invoicing & Payment Methods 

andcards simplifies the billing process, allowing coworking spaces and individual members to share a single invoice with all the necessary information such as rental payments, event passes, supplementary orders or add-ons, bookings, shop orders, etc. Also, andcards maintains transparency regarding all payment data - so coworking members and space providers have full access to every transaction data that has ever been made. 


With andcards, you can track your business growth with real-time analytics. Also, you can get an overview of important KPIs along with further analyzing particular metrics for detailed performance reports. Not only that, but you can also download custom reports for your chosen timelines.  

Community Feed

Community feed is a speciality of andcards. With andcards’ community feed, you can let your customers come together with shared posts and comments. Also, you can bring people back to your space by posting announcements, with push notifications automatically sent to your customers’ devices. 

Automated Check-in For Guests

With andcards, you can enhance the visitors’ experience by automated check-in for guests. On andcards, members usually pre-register their guests. Also, the guests have to check in at the reception tablet that automatically notifies the members of their arrival. Not only that, coworking spaces can get a list of guest information for analytics and security. 

Mobile App

andcards' mobile app enables members to book meeting rooms and desks, manage their accounts, and receive notifications about their bookings. This feature makes coworking accessible to everyone involved, making the booking process flawlessly streamlined.

Watch how Andcard works

Bisdesk: Connecting Coworking Spaces with Future Tenants

Bisdesk is a coworking space aggregator that connects coworking spaces with potential tenants. With 25,000+ workspaces from 60+ global brands and 4,500+ active users, Bisdesk is making waves in the coworking world. Spread over the UAE, India, & Great Britain, Bisdesk is the fastest-growing coworking marketplace in the globe. 

Here are some specialities of Bisdesk - 

AI-powered, intuitive coworking marketplace 

Bisdesk is an AI-powered, super-intuitive coworking marketplace with thousands of coworking/serviced workspaces to book from. On Bisdesk, all you have to do is put in your location and a list of coworking spaces within the area will be served to you. 

Powerful filters to find suitable coworking spaces 

On Bisdesk, you’ll find powerful filters to sift your results according to your requirements. There are 4 filters on Bisdesk - 

  • Space Type

Private Office, Fixed Desk, Flexi Desk, Meeting Room, Virtual Office & Membership plans. 

  • Team Capacity

           Put the number of your team’s size. 

  • Price Range

Put in the min and max amount of your budget. 

  • Amenities

45 default amenities to filter by your results. 

Flexible leasing plans 

On Bisdesk, tenants can book their chosen workspaces on a monthly and hourly basis. Also, Bisdesk has a round-the-clock support team who are ready to help the tenants with customized leasing plans. 

Global coworking brands under one dashboard

Bisdesk has a large database of the world’s leading coworking brands including Regus, WeWork, Witwork, Nasab, 91Springboard, etc. Tenants can book workspaces from 60+ global flex workspace brands with short-term leasing commitments. 

A team of flex space experts to support your round-the-clock 

Bisdesk has a team of flex space experts to help tenants and coworking space providers round-the-clock. Our support team is super helpful and knowledgeable. Also, our flex space consultants can provide custom solutions to any workspace-related problem. 

Watch how you can book a workspace on Bisdesk

Partnership Between Bisdesk & andcards

Through the power duo partnership between Bisdesk and andcards, the coworking experience for both of the entity’s tenants will become more efficient and user-friendly. andcards is a fully integrated system for coworking & flex workspaces whereas Bisdesk is a coworking marketplace for tenants and flex space providers. 

By utilizing andcards' management software, coworking spaces can streamline their operations and manage their resources effectively. With Bisdesk's platform, coworking spaces can connect with potential tenants and create a better coworking experience for everyone involved.

The power-packed partnership between Bisdesk and andcards is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved. Bisdesk's platform provides a comprehensive service that connects coworking spaces with potential tenants, while andcards' management software simplifies daily operations for coworking spaces, serviced offices, and business centres. Through this collaboration, the coworking experience for the entire community will become more streamlined and accessible while benefiting coworking space providers, their members, stakeholders and tenants.