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myOffice on Bisdesk: Top Boutique Serviced Workspace Provider in Dubai

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk

A distinguished boutique serviced office operator, myOffice, is one of the prominent flexible workspace providers in UAE with over 50 years of experience in the Middle East. Most importantly, myOffice offers top-notch serviced workspace solutions in many of Dubai’s prominent locations including Dubai Downtown and Dubai Marina. 


myOffice is a recent addition on Bisdesk. Bisdesk and myOffice share the same business values - helping our clients throughout the entire process and customizing plans according to their needs on a one-to-one level. With myOffice on board, Bisdesk aspires to bring valuable premium workspace solutions to established businesses, startups and individuals.

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Table of Contents

1. Types of Flexible Workspace Solutions at myOffice

2. Specialties of myOffice Workspaces

3. Find myOffice Workspace Solutions on Bisdesk

     i. How is Bisdesk helping myOffice scale up faster?

4. Get started with Bisdesk

     ii. Steps to List Your Space on Bisdesk

5. Popular Locations for Coworking Spaces in Downtown Dubai

     i. Boulevard Plaza

    ii. Emaar Square

Types of Flexible Workspace Solutions at myOffice

myOffice provides premium workspaces that come in flexible and customizable payment plans. Also, each of myOffice’s workspace plans has all the utilities, facilities and amenities to help you grow and scale up faster. Here are the types of flexible workspace solutions at myOffice -

  1. Fully-Functional Serviced Offices

  2. Affordable Virtual Offices

  3. Co-working Spaces

  4. Meeting Rooms

  5. Event & Conference Spaces

  6. Specialized Enterprise Solutions

Specialties of myOffice Workspaces

  • Fastest downtime for serviced office spaces

myOffice is one of the flexible serviced office providers with the fastest downtime, you can move to your workspace within 60 minutes. 

  • NO ADVANCE yearly upfront payment for serviced office spaces

    With myOffice, you don’t have to worry about paying annual fees in advance. myOffice offers a flexible payment plan for its clients. 

  • Flexible leasing policies for serviced office spaces

With flexible options for 3, 6, and 12-month plans, myOffice offers customized and flexible payment plans that meet your business's specific needs.

  • Workspaces at prime locations

myOffice offers serviced offices at prime locations in Dubai such as Dubai Marina and Dubai Downtown.

  • All-inclusive workspaces that suit all business types

myOffice serviced offices are ideal for all business types - be it a one-man team or 30-team-members set up. With myOffice, you will always be on top of your game.

  • Top-notch amenities

myOffice has all-inclusive amenities for its serviced office plan, here they are -

    • Audio Conferencing

    • Reception Services

    • Meet & Greet Services

    • Juice & Cold Drinks

    • Hot Beverages

    • Wheelchair Accessibility

    • Library Access

    • On-Site Cafe/Restaurant

    • Ergonomic Chairs

    • 24-hour Member Access Facility

  • Affordable meeting rooms

In traditional offices, you have to allocate a separate budget for necessary equipment and amenities. But myOffice’s meeting rooms come with all the essential equipment and amenities in an affordable plan. 

  • Flexible remote, virtual office spaces

Remote workers, digital nomads, solopreneurs and virtual startup founders will get a fully-supported office setup at myOffice’s virtual offices. All of myOffice’s workspaces have high-speed internet, meeting rooms, hot beverages and an on-site restaurant. 

  • Prestigious business addresses for virtual workspaces

myOffice offers affordable virtual offices with fully-supported phone and mail handling systems. Also, myOffice houses multilingual and professional office staff for virtual offices and help companies scale faster. Also, virtual offices can use myOffice’s illustrious workspace addresses as their business address. 

  • Free gifts

As part of myOffice's virtual office package, you can access myOffice's meeting room facility and have 5 hours of free meeting room time per month. Additionally, virtual offices are eligible for a 50% discount on additional bookings of meeting rooms and co-working spaces.

  • Expand your network with myOffice

myOffice’s workspaces help businesses expand their network to a diverse group of people. As myOffice’s office spaces attract all types of businesses and professionals from all across the UAE and the world, you can showcase your demo or ideas to broader groups. 

Find myOffice Workspace Solutions on Bisdesk

Bisdesk is a leading marketplace for shared workspaces in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has a wide collection of more than 25,000 workspaces, making it one of the largest platforms in the region. Bisdesk provides businesses with a vast array of options to choose from when they are looking for shared serviced office spaces.

How is Bisdesk helping myOffice scale up faster? 

As the largest workplace aggregator in the UAE, Bisdesk has the largest database of potential leads for coworking spaces. Also, every day Bisdesk gets new leads who search for coworking spaces in different locations across India and the UAE. 

Since myOffice joined Bisdesk, the platform has helped the leading workspace provider connect with potential clients and expand its reach. Bisdesk's AI-powered platform allows myOffice to be easily searchable and score the best deals effectively. Moreover, Bisdesk has built-in filters, such as space type, capacity, price range, and amenities, these filters make sure that potential clients never miss the workspace they are looking for! 

Here’s how Girish Pinto, General Manager - myOffice Business Centres has described myOffice’s journey with Bisdesk - 

“The best thing about Bisdesk is that I'm dealing with a person, I'm not dealing with a bot. They take you through the entire process, right from pre-qualifying the leads to assisting with the closure of the deal. That is the greatest and the most unique factor about Bisdesk vis-à-vis other service providers."

Bisdesk - a reliable workspace listing platform in the UAE and India

Bisdesk is dedicated to providing myOffice and other clients with reliable solutions that help them grow their businesses and find potential clients. Bisdesk connects office spaces with the right projects by promoting listings to a wide range of companies, individuals, brands, retailers, agencies, entrepreneurs, and artists. The platform’s marketing efforts provide workspace providers with exposure to thousands of potential clients, increasing the chances of finding a suitable match for the space.

Bisdesk provides thorough support to its clients, including myOffice, throughout the process of finding an office space. Our expert team of professionals guides our clients through the process, from pre-qualifying leads to assisting clients with securing deals. Bisdesk's AI-powered search engine matches new office space requirements with property listings, making it easy to convert prospects into warm leads. The platform is focused on closing deals, rather than just generating leads. The high-end search platform can help all its listed workspace providers find the best clients who will be long-term customers. Here’s how Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk, describes Bisdesk’s mission - 

"Our mission is to bring flexibility to the workspace industry on a global scale. For a business owner to flourish and grow with us hand-in-hand is our goal”

- Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk

Bisdesk is committed to providing the best service to all its clients. We want to ensure that our clients' businesses scale up faster and continuously secure successful deals from our platform. 

Add Your Workspace on Bisdesk

Get started with Bisdesk

Bisdesk is the fastest growing marketplace that connects office space providers with potential clients. By listing your space on Bisdesk, you get increased visibility and access to a large community of potential leads that are searching for workspace solutions on Bisdesk platform.


Moreover, workspace providers can receive valuable reviews from clients and connect with potential clients through Bisdesk. On top of the essentials, Bisdesk features useful filters in the search platform, so clients can filter through essential queries such as - 

  • Space Type
  • Capacity
  • Price Range
  • Amenities

Steps to List Your Space on Bisdesk

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Add Listing from the top-right bar. 

Step 3: Enter the essential details about your workspace, such as the size, location, and price.

Step 4: Our team reviews and processes your application.

As soon as your application is approved, your space becomes visible on Bisdesk. Also, the best part is listing your space on Bisdesk is completely free and it will be automatically included in our public listing once approved. 

If you face any problem in listing your workspace on Bisesk, contact our 24-hour customer care service. 

Talk to someone at Bisdesk

Get maximum clients from your listing 

If you want to get the maximum number of clients from your Bisdesk listing, here are the steps you need to take - 

  1. Put the correct, relevant and recent information about your workspace.
  2. A picture speaks a thousand words. Make sure you put recent, clear, presentable and captivating photos or videos of your workspace. 

    Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - CO-OFFIZ - Janakpuri-1
  3. Put detailed descriptions of your workspace such as - 

    1. Your workspace’s detailed address.

    2. The facilities and amenities that you are offering.

    3. Add parking specifications.

    4. Add an updated description of your workspace on the About This Workspace part.

    5. Add all types of workspaces you have.

    6. Add your payment plans such as annual, Monthly or membership plans. 

Also, invite your clients for putting reviews for your workspace on Bisdesk!

Advantages of listing your workspace on Bisdesk

  • Increased visibility and reach

Bisdesk is the largest workspace marketplace in the UAE and attracts many potential leads for coworking and shared workspaces from around the world. Listing your workspace on Bisdesk can get you the correct exposure that will result in increased visibility and reach. 

  • Full support from Bisdesk’s experts - right from collecting leads to securing deals

Bisdesk’s professionals will help you get the potential leads to secure business deals. Listing with us will get you more time to handle your in-house business activities such as maintaining your coworking space, increasing your amenities and providing more support to your clients. 

  • Round-the-clock customer support

At any point, if you feel that you are at a dead-end, contact our support team to help you streamline your goals. 

  • Flexible plans

By enrolling in Bisdesk's ready-made membership program, you can offer clients a variety of workspace solutions, such as fixed and flexi desks. The program also includes online booking and a payment gateway, which can make the process more convenient for everyone involved. 

  • A sense of community 

Being part of the fastest-growing marketplace for coworking spaces in the UAE and India, featuring your space on Bisdesk will place you before a wider audience and get you more visibility for your workspace. On Bisdesk, you can also receive customer reviews - this will definitely help you with word-of-mouth marketing. 

Popular Locations for Coworking Spaces in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a major commercial, mixed-use area in Dubai. It houses some of the prominent commercial destinations in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Also, Downtown Dubai is a prime location for coworking spaces, as it is a bustling business district and flocking spot for entrepreneurs, business owners, digital nomads, influencers, solopreneurs and remote workers. There are many popular coworking spaces in Downtown Dubai and emerging and established companies choose this location to feature a stunning address on their business cards. 

Here are 2 popular locations for coworking spaces in Downtown Dubai - 

1. Boulevard Plaza

Boulevard Plaza is a mixed-use development area located in the center of Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has two towers, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1 and Boulevard Plaza Tower 2. Both of the towers house famous office spaces and coworking facilities. It is situated near the famous Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall and offers easy access to a variety of amenities, especially for shared office spaces.

Boulevard Plaza houses some of the top coworking spaces in Dubai. One of the prominent workspaces in Boulevard Plaza is myOffice Business Center. Here are some of the specialties of myOffice Business Center, Downtown Dubai -

Specialties of myOffice Business Center, Downtown Dubai 

  • Stunning, modern and luxurious interior that features Downtown Dubai’s skyline view. 

  • Prime location in Downtown Dubai

    • Address: Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

  • Amenities include - audio conferencing, reception services, hot/cold beverages, ergonomic chairs, an on-site restaurant, etc.

Starting as low as 65.00 AED/ Month for virtual offices!

Check details on Bisdesk

2. Emaar Square

Emaar Square is a commercial complex located in Downtown Dubai, which offers office spaces and coworking spaces for businesses and entrepreneurs. It is a prime location for companies looking to establish a vibrant presence in the heart of the city, with easy access to public transportation and amenities. Emaar Square features futuristic and state-of-the-art facilities, and useful amenities to support any type of business. 

Coworking facilities at Emaar Square, Downtown Dubai 

  • Private and serviced office spaces that can be personalized to suit the specific needs of your business. 

  • Meeting rooms equipped with the latest audio and video technology, to support businesses' need for conferencing and collaboration.

  • Fixed desk and flexible desk memberships for desking facilities for solopreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers and professionals. 

  • All-inclusive amenities like high-speed internet, IT support, hot/cold beverages, in-house restaurants and recreational spaces.

Other popular locations for coworking and shared office facilities in Downtown Dubai are Souk Al Bahar and 48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai. Bisdesk has numerous coworking and shared office listings for Downtown Dubai, you can visit Bisdesk and choose the coworking space that fits your needs. 

Yes, show me the exclusive serviced workspaces in Downtown Dubai

Famous workspace providers from all over the UAE are choosing Bisdesk. As one of the rapidly growing workspace marketplaces in the UAE, Bisdesk stands out for its superior customer support. The platform not only ensures a steady stream of leads but also helps you secure the best deals to scale faster! 

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