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The Executive Center (TEC) on Bisdesk: Discover flexible workspaces that fit your needs


The Executive Center (TEC) has been one of the most successful workplace solutions providers across Asia Pacific. They offer a variety of Workspace solutions like offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and enterprise solutions spread over 14 Markets & 170+ Executive Centres. 

What does TEC do? 

TEC provides a flexible co-working experience in 3 modules - Exclusive Private Office Spaces, Shared Workspaces, and Meeting & Events Spaces. 

The first one - the exclusive private office solution makes sure that your particular business needs are met with a tailored plan and that you get the best out of the office space that is exclusive to you only. The second solution is a shared plan that offers coworking facilities with other business professionals - this plan offers the best solution for virtual offices looking for a shared space to work together flexibly. The third solution gets you a confidential multifunctional space to conduct meetings, seminars, workshops, and private dinners. 

Starting with the best of amenities, from the fastest internet to even the most comfortable ergonomic chairs, TEC ensures the best co-working conditions a business could have. Also, TEC focuses on tailoring the offices according to the client's needs by communicating with the clients thoroughly. All of their workplace solutions are quite unique and they keep improvising their workspace solutions to provide the best services to their clients. 

How Bisdesk is helping TEC in getting the right clients 

Bisdesk’s steller workspace search engine has enabled TEC to be found by the right leads, and secure the best deals in a breeze. Also, Bisdesk makes sure that all the listed workspace providers meet their target clients according to their offered space types, capacity, price range, and offered amenities. When a client searches for a office space by setting these filters on Bisdesk, they get results from the listings on Biskdesk that match the criteria. 

Here’s how Ketan Trehan, Associate Sales Head of The Executive Center (TEC) has described TEC’s journey with Bisdesk - 

“What we really enjoy about working with Bisdesk is the attention they give us. Their advice and support have always been knowledgeable and transparent."

Bisdesk is committed to providing TEC along with its other valuable clients, with reliable solutions that help them maximize their business growth and help them find willing clients. We connect your space to the right projects by marketing your listing to thousands of companies, individuals, brands, retailers, agencies, entrepreneurs, and artists.
Also, our flexible workspace experts take you through the entire process, right from pre-qualifying the leads to assisting with the closing of the deal. Bisdesk’s AI-powered seach engine matches the new office space requirements with your property listings to easily convert prospects into warm leads. We are focused on closings, not only generating leads. Our high-end search platform can land you the best clients who will stay with you forever.

"Our mission is to bring flexibility to the workspace industry on a global scale. For a business owner to flourish and grow with us hand-in-hand is our goal”

-Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk 

Just like the many successes that Bisdesk has been a part of, TEC and Bisdesk have proven to be a perfect match for achieving one mutual goal of success!

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Bisdesk is a community-based marketplace for workspaces. Simply put, Bisdesk offers you a much wider audience to connect with. By listing your space on Bisdesk, you gain increased visibility and access to a community of thousands of workspace hunters. You also receive valuable reviews from past and current clients, as well as the opportunity to connect with potential clients through our efficient digital platform.
Here are some of the factors a business can achieve with the power of Bisdesk!

Benefits of listing your space on Bisdesk

Increased visibility

One of many advantages AI enabled tech platform is the incredible online reach that can put your space in front of a wide range of demographics  to generate more qualified leads

Increased occupancy

Bisdesk has built a strong sales network as the leading marketplace for coworking spaces. Our sales team ensures that we deliver qualified leads for your space. We believe that your growth is our growth and are focusing on closing leads. By partnering with Bisdesk, you can take advantage of our widespread reach and instantly boost your online visibility and SEO without any up-front costs. New prospects can discover your space,  go through your listing, and book directly from the platform.

Better Customer Experience

The listed workspace would be able to benefit from our experienced and well-trained staff handling the leads professionally. This will free up the staff at the workspaces to attend to in-house matters or allow the workspace management to streamline costs. Enrolling with us also shortens their sales cycle allowing them to focus on onboarding and retaining clients.


We facilitate the opportunity to upgrade your facility into a hybrid space and offer clients diverse service offerings like Fixed desk & Flexi desk options by enrolling with our ready-made membership program including online booking and payment gateway.

Stay on top of industry trends

More people are choosing marketplaces like Bisdesk than ever before, and businesses should be following suit to meet potential customers' expectations.
The biggest generational driver of this trend is millennials who prefer to compare options available and go through the reviews before booking a space.

Marketplace community 

We are the fastest-growing marketplace for coworking spaces Across the UAE and India. A thriving community of freelancers, SMEs, and large enterprise businesses use the Bisdesk platform on a regular basis to search and book for their desired workspace. By featuring your space on your platform, you get more eyes on your space and authentic customer reviews to boost your online visibility. 
Customer reviews also help you to streamline processes and elevate customer experiences.

How to List Your Space on Bisdesk

Listing your space on Bisdesk is easy! Just head over to our website and click on the "List a Space'' button. From there, you'll be prompted to enter some basic information about your space, such as the size, location, and price.
Our team reviews and processes your application. Once approved, your space is automatically listed on the platform and visible to all of our users, so you can find the perfect client or workspace partner in no time. And best of all, listing your space on Bisdesk is free! Our client service associates are available round the clock to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Maximizing Return From Your Listing on Bisdesk


Maximizing return from your listing on Bisdesk is easy. If you're looking to get the most out of every listing, there are a few key steps you can take to make sure it's a success.
First, make sure to include detailed descriptions of your room and services in your listing. The more information your potential customers have, the better chance they'll be able to decide that your space is the perfect fit for them.
Also, don't forget to include relevant photos or videos of your space—this can help give customers an even better idea of what they'd be getting if they were to use your service. Finally, take advantage of Bisdesk's tools, like scheduling and payment options, to streamline your business and make it easier for customers to book time in your space. With these strategies in place, you're bound to get the most out of every listing!

Coworking in One Central Dubai World-Trade Center - United Arab Emirates

One Central is a mixed-use development, bringing engaging experiences to Dubai’s Central Business District. Located along the Sheikh Zayed Road as part of the Dubai World Trade Centre complex, One Central combines business and retail in a prime location.
The building’s design is inspired by the UAE’s history, heritage, and culture. It was designed to reflect the cultural diversity of the region, but it doesn’t miss out on the modern aspects of its surroundings. 
The concept of One Central is based on three core values - Innovation, Sustainability, and Connectivity. These three concepts are reflected throughout all facets of the building including its architecture, interior design, and commercial spaces.
One Central Dubai is the first co-working space in Dubai, with a focus on the creative industries and digital technology. Here are some cool amenities of One Central Dubai - 

One Central Dubai’s 14,000 sq ft space is located at The Gate Residences on Sheikh Zayed Road. Opening Time: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 
Gymnasium, spa, and swimming pool facilities. 
Numerous restaurants and cafes within walking distance offer various cuisines ranging from fine dining to casual street food outlets.

Other Popular locations for coworking on Sheikh Zayed Road

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square is the largest development project in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. Here are some cool facts of Abu Dhabi Global Market Square - 
Vibrant, thriving business and hospitality hub, that boasts 450,000 sqm of office, retail, and hotel offerings. 
Four Grade A commercial office towers; Al Sila, Al Sarab, Al Maqam, and Al Khatem. 
2 luxury business hotels, Rosewood Abu Dhabi and Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi
The area also features an architecturally striking, glass-encased waterfront commercial building. 
The Octagon - the site’s signature landmark building offers a unique architectural design that incorporates an urban green space to break up its scale. The interior spaces are defined by white marble walls, polished steel panels, and glass windows that create light-filled rooms with views across Abu Dhabi's capital cityscape.


When you list your space on Bisdesk, you open yourself up to a world of opportunity. It’s super easy to list your space on Bisdesk. Also, Bisdesk makes sure you are reaching a wide audience of potential renters. The platform is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your listing so that you get a fair price for your space. 
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