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Top Coworking Spaces in Delhi For All Business Types

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk

It’s no surprise that coworking makes work more interesting, interactive and cheerful than the traditional setting. Coworking culture solidifies team bonds, builds better work camaraderie and helps expand the network

Rising popularity of coworking spaces in Delhi

India is one of the fastest-growing (top 20) coworking countries in the world. As India’s capital, Delhi has been one of the early adopters of the remote model of working. Also, it has ranked one of the most remote-ready cities in the world (Workmotion). Recently, Delhi has seen significant growth in the coworking culture equally as its peers such as Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Delhi - India’s biggest hub for startups

Also, the entrepreneurial spirit is always high in Delhi. Over 60,000 startups were established in Delhi between 2019 and 2021. These companies prefer coworking spaces over building individual office premises to reduce infrastructure and real estate costs. Moreover, coworking spaces help these companies expand their network, showcase their demo before a diverse group of people and manage their teams effectively. On top of that, the flexibility of coworking spaces is also a huge attraction for startups as most of them offer short-term leases of exactly the amount of space the company wants. 

Delhi has one of the best coworking environments in India because of the rising number of startups. Also, the city houses many freelancers, solopreneurs, remote workers and digital nomads - they also look for suitable coworking spaces to work in. That’s why popular coworking brands set up quality coworking spaces at different locations in Delhi. 

Delhi's premium coworking spaces attract large corporations and MNCs

Not only startups but MNCs and large corporations are also opting for coworking spaces. Companies like Google India, Star India, EY, Verifone, Thomson Reuters, etc. are subscribing to coworking spaces over traditional office setups. These companies don't want to invest a large amount of money in separate office premises when they are starting a small branch in a particular location with a fewer number of employees. On the other hand, they only want boutique coworking spaces with premium amenities, to ensure their brand reputation and an ideal work environment for their employees. 
With a myriad of options, choosing the perfect coworking space in Delhi from so many options can be overwhelming. So, firstly, list down your requirements for a coworking space and look through the top trending coworking spaces as listed below - 

Popular coworking locations in Delhi

1. Innov8 Cp2 Connaught Place

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - innov8  

Address: Regal Building, Above Madame Tussauds, New Delhi, India.

Innov8 Cp2 Connaught Place has an iconic interior that inspires creativity, productivity and calmness. Moreover, the workplace has bright lighting, classic wooden furnishing, separate recreation spaces, discussion rooms, etc. True to its name, Innov8 sparks innovation and creativity by being a hub for entrepreneurs, business owners, digital nomads and remote workers. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Full-range workspace solutions - private offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and event spaces. 
  • Close to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, IGI Airport and Barakhamba Road Metro Station.
  • Amenities such as office attendant, coffee and hot beverages, high-speed internet, recreation spaces and discussion rooms. 
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing plans as listed on Bisdesk

  • Private Office: 28,800 INR/Month.
  • Meeting Room: 800 INR/Hour.
  • Fixed Desk: 11,499.00 INR/ Month

Book Innov8 (CP2) - Connaught Place on Bisdesk

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Top coworking spaces CO-OFFIZ

Address: HB Twin Tower, Pitam Pura, Delhi, India.

In a bustling city like Delhi, time is everything. If you want your workspace addresses to contain only crispy prime locations, then Co-Offiz, NSP is the one for you. This workspace is strategically positioned in one of the prominent locations of Delhi - Netaji Subhash Place. It’s close to Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station and all of the accessible public transportation centers. Co-Offiz - NSP has amenities such as housekeeping services, admin facilities and tea/coffee services. Also, you can arrange events and workshops within the facility. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Great ambience and interior.
  • Diverse workspace solutions - Open Seat, Dedicated Desk, Cabin Space, Single Seater Cabin, Two Seater Cabin, Quarterly Plans.
  • Close to Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station.
  • World-class amenities such as reception service, office address facilities for certain plans, meeting room, hot beverages, etc.
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Private Office - 17,000.00 INR/ Month.
  • Meeting Room - 1,500.00 INR/ Hour.
  • Fixed Desk - 9,000.00 INR/ Month.

Book Co-Offiz - NSP on Bisdesk

Or call now @ +91 83411 68356.

3. 91Springboard, Jhandewalan

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - 91springboard

Address: E-3, Rani Jhansi Rd, Block E 4, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi, India.

91Springboard at Jhandewalan is one of the largest workspaces on this list. Spread across 12,000 sq. ft., this massive space can house 300 people. It is one of the most happening coworking spaces in Delhi and has first-rate amenities such as reception services, meeting & greeting services, admin facilities, call answering services, hot and cold beverages, etc. Also, 91Springboard has unique recreation spaces that contain a pool table, football table, ping pong table, on-site restaurant, etc. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Large coworking space of 12,000 sq. ft. This place can hold over 300 people. 
  • Close to Connaught Place. 
  • Amenities such as hot/cold beverages, recreation spaces, sports tables, on-site restaurants, etc.  
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Virtual Office - 2,199.00 INR/ Month.
  • Fixed Desk Membership - 9,900.00 INR/ Month.
  • Flexi Desk Membership - 8,000.00 INR/ Month.
  • Private Office Membership - 11,500.00 INR/ Month.
  • Meeting Room - 1,500.00 INR/ Hour.

Book 91Springboard - Jhandewalan on Bisdesk

Or call now @ +91 83411 68356.

4. 91Springboard - Udyog Vihar

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - 91Springboard - Udyog Vihar

Address: 91Springboard 90B, Udyog Vihar, Delhi - Jaipur, Expressway, Gurugram, India.

91Springboard - Udyog Vihar is undoubtedly the largest workspace on this list. Located in a calm location in the otherwise bustling Udyog Bihar, this workspace boasts a staggering area of 53,000 sq. ft. and modern-day amenities. This single workspace can house over 1,200 people and has an event space with 150 people capacity. Each floor contains a small kitchen and the facility has in-house hot/cold beverages options. All in all, it’s one of the largest coworking spaces in Delhi with diverse workspace solutions. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Largest coworking space on this list - 53,000 sq. ft. The place can accommodate over 1,200 people. 
  • Convenient location - Cyber Hub, Galleria Market and Sector 29 Market are only minutes away from 91Springboard - Udyog Vihar. 
  • Modern amenities such as ergonomic chairs, recreation spaces and an in-house restaurant. 
  • This place provides 24-hour member access. 
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Virtual Office - 2,199.00 INR/ Month
  • Fixed Desk Membership - 8,300.00 INR/ Month
  • Flexi Desk Membership - 6,600.00 INR/ Month
  • Private Office Membership - 10,000.00 INR/ Month
  • Meeting Room - 1,500.00 INR/ Hour

Book 91Springboard - Udyog Vihar on Bisdesk

Or call now @ +91 83411 68356.

5. CO-OFFIZ - Janakpuri

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - CO-OFFIZ - Janakpuri-1

Address: B-1/630, Janakpuri, Delhi, India.

CO-OFFIZ - Janakpuri has all the perks of CO-OFFIZ workspace solutions. CO-OFFIZ provides workspaces with a comforting ambience and maintains safety for women. Located in Janakpuri, West Delhi, the workspace boasts modern amenities with a peaceful and calm atmosphere. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Vibrant, happy and calming interior with warm colours. 
  • Close to Janakpuri East Metro Station, easy and safe transportation for women. 
  • Amenities such as reception services, admin services, and hot beverages. 
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Private Office - 14,000.00 INR/ Month
  • Meeting Room - 1,500.00 INR/ Hour
  • Fixed Desk - 8,500.00 INR/ Month

Book Co-Offiz - Janakpuri on Bisdesk

Or call now @ +91 83411 68356.

6. Coo Coworking - Wazirpur

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - Coo Coworking - Wazirpur

Address: Coo Coworking, Wazirpur, Delhi, India. 

If you are looking for a more affordable workspace solution, then Coo Coworking is the right one for you. Having diverse and affordable workspace solutions for Delhiites, Coo Coworking has workspace solutions in different locations in Delhi. Coo Coworking - Wazirpur has all the necessary amenities and can house 2-4 offices. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Amenities such as reception services, admin services, housekeeping facilities and hot beverages. 
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Private Office - 24,000.00 INR/ Month
  • Meeting Room - 1,500.00 INR/ Hour
  • Flexi Desk - 113.00 INR/ Hour
  • Fixed Desk - 12,000.00 INR/ Month

Book Coo Coworking - Wazirpur on Bisdesk

Or call now @ +91 83411 68356.

7. CO-OFFIZ - Preet Vihar

Top CoWorking Space in Delhi - CO-OFFIZ - Preet Vihar

Address: Building no. 5, Park End, Vikas Marg, Delhi, India.

CO-OFFIZ - Preet Vihar has a convenient location as it is only minutes-aways from the Preet Vihar Metro Station. If you have to wait for cabs after finishing your working hours, then CO-OFFIZ - Preet Vihar can be your perfect coworking space. Also, the space has great ambience and amenities. 

Reasons to give this place a big thumbs-up

  • Great ambience and interiors. 
  • Can house up to 8-10 offices. 
  • Close to Preet Vihar Metro Station, ample public transportation facilities. 
  • Amenities such as admin services, reception services, and hot beverages. 
  • Contains places for events and workshops. 

Pricing Plans as Listed on Bisdesk

  • Private Office - 23,000.00 INR/ Month
  • Meeting Room - 1,200.00 INR/ Hour
  • Fixed Desk - 7,500.00 INR/ Month

Book Co-Offiz - Preet Vihar on Bisdesk

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I look for in a coworking space in New Delhi?

Here are 7 basic things that every coworking space should contain - 

  • High-speed internet

    A fast and reliable internet connection is what every coworking space should have. It’s better if the coworking space has dedicated bandwidth only for that area. 

  • Comfortable seating arrangement 

    Ergonomic seats protect against spinal cord injuries and muscle strains that occur because of sitting for an extended period of time. Every coworking space should contain an ergonomic seating arrangement. 
  • Safety and security measure

    Your coworking space should make you feel safe. Every coworking space should implement CCTV security and have all the safety measures. 

  • Quiet atmosphere

    Studies show that people produce the best work in a silent and peaceful environment. Every coworking space should make an effort to maintain a peaceful, quiet and friendly environment. 
  • Food and beverages 

    Every coworking space should at least have a fully-equipped pantry facility. But it’s better if a shared workspace has an in-house restaurant and unlimited hot and cold beverage options.

  • Ancillary and housekeeping services 

    A clean workspace makes everyone stay mindful. That’s why pristine ancillary and housekeeping services with a dedicated support team make everyone put an additional star for that coworking facility. 
  • Tech support 

    A fully-operational tech team makes any coworking space worth subscribing for. A tech support team to address technical problems can be quite helpful for everyone. 

2. How many coworking spaces are available in New Delhi?

There were countless coworking spaces available in New Delhi. But you need the best coworking spaces with an optimized pricing plan for your business. On Bisdesk, we have listed some of the best affordable shared workspaces in Delhi. Right now, you can find over 200+ affordable and prominent coworking spaces in Delhi. 

3. What are some affordable co-working spaces in Delhi-NCR?

Here are some areas of affordable coworking spaces in Delhi - 

  • Nukleus Pusa Road

    Nukleus Pusa Road, Delhi started in 2015 and offers flexible memberships, and a variety of packages for entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers. You can choose from the following plans:

    • Creative

    • Startup

    • Business Growth

    • Community

    Nukleus Pusa Road, Delhi also offers mentoring, expert consulting, events and workshops services. 

  • Workingdom Connaught Place

    Founded in 2013, Workingdom ranks as one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Delhi. The facility has two large floors that can cater to all the specific needs of any business.

  • Roseate House Aerocity

    Roseate House Aerocity started in 2012 and it is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Delhi. It is one of the international business hubs in Delhi.

4. How does a Coworking Space work?

In a coworking space, people from different companies or industries work in shared office space. Also, coworking spaces reduce overall costs and allow people to expand their networking. 

5. Who can utilize Coworking Spaces?

Freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, part-time workers, SMEs, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations can utilize a coworking space.

6. What amenities are included in Delhi's Shared Office Spaces?

Most of the coworking spaces in Delhi offer amenities like - 

  1. High-speed internet
  2. Security
  3. Power Backup
  4. Meeting rooms
  5. Event and workshop facility
  6. Conference halls
  7. Video and audio conferencing facility
  8. Recreation area
  9. Pantry
  10. Parking spaces
  11. Ancillary services

Not finding the perfect hit? Bisdesk has over 200 listings for flexible workspaces in Delhi. 

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