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R Serviced Offices on Bisdesk: No Hassle Flexible Workspaces in JLT

Nazia Rahman - Writer at Bisdesk

The world is seeing a dramatic increase in serviced workspaces, WaaS (Workspace as a Service) industry is set to be worth over $8 billion dollars in 2026. The UAE’s coworking market is set to see a 5% growth forecast by the end of 2027. 

Dubai is the UAE's most bustling hub for flexible workspaces, given the rise of established and emerging businesses in the emirate. R Serviced Offices is the largest flexible workspace provider in JLT, Dubai. Their mission is to provide tailored workspace solutions according to the requirements of their clients - be it a one-desk workstation or a fully-serviced corporate suite. 

Bisdesk - RSO partnership: Making flexible workspaces accessible for everyone

Their hands-on approach to understanding the client's needs is quite similar to Bisdesk. Since RSO joined Bisdesk, Team Bisdesk is helping them at every stage of the conversion process - from pre-qualifying leads to securing deals. Bisdesk has a very advanced platform that makes sure your clients find the accurate product that matches their requirements - so you, as a flexible workspace provider, don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing your clients’ needs. 

How can Bisdesk help you scale up?

Bisdesk makes sure you get a steady pool of warm leads to your business. It has an AI-powered platform with useful filters such as - Space Type, Capacity, Price Range, and Amenities. When you list your workspace on Bisdesk, each of your solutions will be featured on Bisdesk with clear pictures, pricing plans, facilities, amenities, etc. With one look, your leads will be able to decide whether to book your product or scroll through other solutions. There’s also an integrated review system on Bisdesk where your clients can leave a review on your product.

Add Your Workspace on Bisdesk

R Serviced Offices in JLT: Customize your workspace as your grow

Clients can find 3 types of workspace solutions by R Serviced Offices JLT on Bisdesk - 

  • Private Office Spaces
  • Fixed Desk Solutions
  • Meeting Rooms

R Serviced Offices JLT Address: Reef Tower, Cluster O, JLT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Check RSO workspaces on Bisdesk

Specialties of R Serviced Offices in JLT

Being the largest flexible workspace provider in JLT, R Serviced Offices has a large space of 130,000 SQFT - its workspace solutions can range from 130 SQFT. to 12,000 SQFT.

Here are some more specialties of RSO JLT - 

  • Fast 1-tier internet connection. 
  • Landline phone rental services. 
  • Call receiving services. 
  • Reception services. 
  • Free parking on the premises. 
  • Valet services. 
  • An on-site restaurant and hot beverages. 
  • Wheelchair accessibility. 
  • Audio and video conferencing services. 
  • 24-hour member access opportunity. 
  • In-house IT support team. 
  • Flexible leasing plans according to your needs.

Explore more of R Serviced Office’s specialties on Bisdes


The journey of Bisdesk and R Serviced Offices partnership

Bisdesk is the largest marketplace for serviced and shared workspaces in the UAE. That’s why the platform has the largest database of prospects looking for managed office spaces and coworking spaces. From pre-qualifying leads to securing successful deals, Bisdesk helps its clients at every stage. 

Here’s how Pallavi Rajput, Senior Marketing Lead - R Serviced Offices has described RSO’s journey with Bisdesk - 

“Bisdesk has been hands-on with their participation in terms of viewing, in terms of providing leads. Bisdesk understands the client's requirements. So, our initial stage of understanding the client's requirements is eliminated - the work is done by Bisdesk. I think this has been a great partnership between RSO and Bisdesk, and I'm hoping to continue with Bisdesk in the future."

Bisdesk - the fastest-growing workspace marketplace in the UAE and India

The best thing about Bisdesk is it helps all its clients with the entire selling process - right from procuring and pre-qualifying leads to helping them secure successful deals. With Bisdesk, you can scale up your workspace business in the shortest time possible and build lifelong relationships with your clients. All you need to do is add your workspace on Bisdesk and the team will go through the entire process for you -

Check Bisdesk’s Services

Here’s how you can list your workspace on Bisdesk -

  1. Visit
  2. Select Add Listing from the top-right section. 
  3. Create a page for your workspace by putting the essential information such as your workspace size, location details and pricing plans. 
  4. Submit your page to Bisdesk for review.

When Team Bisdesk finishes reviewing your workspace details, your workspace becomes LIVE on Bisdesk. Listing your workspace on Bisdesk is completely FREE!

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Connect with the spirited community at Bisdesk

Bisdesk bridges the gap between available office spaces and potential leads by advertising listings to a diverse audience of businesses, individuals, brands, retailers, agencies, entrepreneurs, and artists. With Bisdesk's marketing efforts, workspace providers gain access to a vast pool of prospects, greatly enhancing the possibility of finding a perfect match for their space.

Bisdesk offers comprehensive support to its clients, including R Serviced Offices, throughout their journey of finding the ideal serviced workspace. Our team of experienced professionals provides expert guidance to clients, from pre-qualifying leads to helping them in closing deals. Bisdesk's advanced search engine, powered by AI, connects leads with available workspaces, making it effortless for clients to turn prospects into lifelong clients. Here’s more about Bisdesk’s mission, as described by its CEO, Rafees Rahmathulla

"Our mission is to bring flexibility to the workspace industry on a global scale. For a business owner to flourish and grow with us hand-in-hand is our goal.”

-Rafees Rahmathulla, CEO at Bisdesk 

Explore booming workspace locations at JLT, Dubai

Here are some popular places for coworking locations at JLT, Dubai

  • Cluster O
  • Cluster F
  • Cluster M1
  • First Al Khail Street
  • Cluster R JLT
  • Jumeirah Bay X2
  • Jumeirah Business Centre
  • Al Sarayat Street

Find available workspaces at JLT

Specialties of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Dubai 

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a prime business location in Dubai. It is known for its advanced infrastructure, transportation facilities, and world-class amenities. Also, it is home to some of the largest coworking and shared office spaces and houses a diverse range of businesses and facilities. 

Here are some of the specialties of JLT - 

  • A growing and diverse business community - JLT houses over 6000 companies currently.
  • A hub for popular coworking spaces - Brands like Regus, Mayfair Executive Office, AstroLabs, Austria Business Center, Witwork, R Serviced Offices, etc. have coworking and serviced workspaces in JLT.
  • Convenient location: JLT is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, providing easy access to major transportation networks such as highways and metro lines, and is within close proximity to Dubai airport and other prominent locations.

R Serviced Office is the largest flexible workspace provider in JLT, and has all the world-class amenities for your business! 

Book Private Offices, Meetings Rooms, and Fixed Desks by R Serviced Office on Bisdesk!

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